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If you anticipate a real estate purchase in the near future or you have concerns about the foundation of your current home you need to know about Rick Humes Inspections. We are proud to say we are one of the longest-operating foundation and inspection businesses in the East Texas and Tyler, TX Area.

With 34 of years experience in residential and commercial construction and as a licensed building inspector since 1986, East Texans can feel confident in having an inspector that works for them. You deserve a thorough and complete inspection before you make that real estate investment. You can depend on honest and reliable service because Rick Humes Inspections & Foundations is not associated or affiliated with any real estate company and works solely for you, the property buyer. Read More >>

Tyler’s Goodman-LeGrand Museum set to start first phase of planned renovations featuring Humes Inspections & Foundation.
  • "Mr. Humes was very prompt in coming to inspect the damage to my peer and beam foundation. He was extremely thorough, took pictures of the damage, and explained what needed to be done to correct the problem. We have had a moisture problem under our home since a complete new air conditioning unit was installed 4-5 years ago. No one has been able to solve the issue completely, despite having several professionals give advice. We did have a moisture barrier and fan installed, which has helped but it has not been the solution we were expecting. Mr. Humes told us the fan was set up pointing to the outside wall of the house and not to the interior of the home. He repositioned it for maximum effectiveness and installed another fan on the opposite side of the house. He also told us how to fix a drainage problem that was causing extra water to enter on the backside of the house. We were going to have a dehumidifier installed as our next step (around a $4000 expense), but he told us not to waste our money, that he felt the fan and drainage issue fixes should solve the problem in full. All work was completed in one day and pictures were taken of the repairs. No corners cut and work exceeded expectations."

  • "Our 60 year old pier and beam house had some major settling issues. I contacted a couple of foundation repair businesses and ended up going with Rick Humes and his company. His bid was higher than the others but after he inspected the foundation and made his recommendations, I could tell he knew his business. I was very impressed! This had to be the most meticulous contractor I have ever used. The amount of work that was done under our house was considerable but never once did construction debris end up scattered around. Each scrap that had to be replaced went straight from under the to their trailer to be hauled off, never had a mess piled up. Even cleaned under the house and removed debris that had been under there for years. His trucks and tools were also always well organized and spotless! I was very impressed with the work and would not hesitate to recommend this company."

  • "I didn’t think he get the house releveled, but he did it. I’d refer him and use him and his sons again."

  • "Great company, polite crew, I’d refer him to anyone needing a foundation job."

  • "I appreciated that he provided before/after pictures to show exactly what he did. Great crew!"