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Rick Humes Inspections & Foundations has been serving east Texas with superior inspection and foundation services since 1986. Our locally owned and operated company is committed to serving our local community with superior solutions for all their needs. We are fully licensed and insured for our customers’ protection and peace of mind.

Our owner and operator, Rick Humes, has gained years of valuable industry experience to provide his customers with high-quality, professional services at honest, affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about our real estate inspection services, foundation capabilities and a ton of other services. Rick Humes Inspections & Foundations looks forward to working with you, East Texas!

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What is a home inspection?
An inspection is a complete objective visual examination of the structure and systems of a home, condominium or commercial building. Buying a home can be one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. A home inspection is one of the best ways to educate yourself about the physical condition of a property you want to buy.

During an Inspection
It is highly recommended that you be present. We encourage you to ask questions during or after the inspection. As your inspectors I can also point out areas that are potential problems, just so you are aware that an issue might arise later in time. This is important because you will be able to see the extent of problems, with your own eyes. Sometimes it can be difficult to convey a particular issue in our written report. Our licensed inspectors can show you how heating and cooling systems work too. They can supply you with maintenance tips on keeping your home in good condition and working order.

The Home Inspection Report
In addition to verbal comments during the inspection, I will prepare a comprehensive written report detailing my findings. The inspection report can be an important negotiating tool in the purchase of a home, it can literally make or break a deal. We want you to have the most accurate knowledge of the home going into the sale. That is why we ask that you be there during the inspection so you are familiar with the format of the report prior to the inspection.

Cost of a Home Inspection
Inspection fees vary based on the square footage of the home. Some inspectors may charge extra for services such as termite inspection, roofing and/or well and septic inspections; these services may require additional licensing so it it imperative you verify your inspector have additional licensing, if required, in these fields. Cost should not be the main consideration for hiring an inspector. Be wary of inspectors who are recommended by someone with a vested interest in closing the sale, such as a realtor or broker. A good inspection that informs you of all the potential problems in a home is our goal. Once you buy the home, it can be costly to repair problems that were not adequately reported.

Inspection and Final Report
Ask how long the inspection will take; usually between two to five hours depending on the size of the property – a shorter amount of time may not permit a thorough inspection. You will get a copy of the home inspection report upon completion of the inspection. As your home inspector I provide you, the customer, with the report. I will go over the report with you to be sure all your quesitons and concerns are addressed. If you think of additional quesitons later, you are welcome to call me; I am available 7 days a week.

Code of Conduct
Home inspectors should be committed to avoiding conflicts of interests and should avoid involvement in any real estate transaction or work in another field that could benefit them financially as a result of their inspection work. Your inspector should not specifically recommend another contractor to complete work on the home. As required by TREC by-laws, an inspector should hold the safety, health and welfare of the public paramount when performing their professional duties.

Before Buying
The property BUYER is responsible for hiring an inspector. Make sure you have the right to terminate the real estate purchase agreement if the home is in unsatisfactory condition.

A professional home inspector should have extensive experience and training. Check with your local Better Business Bureau for a reliability report on the service.

Be There

Tour the property with an inspector to gain firsthand information that should be included in a written report for final negotiations. Inspectors often pass on their knowledge of major home systems and maintenance tips.